Happy International Programmers’ Day 2016 From Our WP Form Builder!

It’s January 7th, the day we celebrate the accomplishments of programmers. When you think about the modern world, computers, technology and software immediately come to mind. Behind every website we love there’s a programmer or teams of programmers who make things run smoothly. Thank you Programmers! Information is power, technology is […]

We Are Our Own Inspiration – A Piece On Office Culture

Here at CaptainForm we look very much at each other for sources of inspiration, energy, goodwill and smiles – it’s part of our office culture. Sometimes, that search turns into laughs that brings us to tears. This usually happens when someone says something so funny, that it should be turned […]

A New Web Form Design for Our WordPress Forms Plugin CaptainForm

2015 has been the year that we created our powerful plugin for WordPress: CaptainForm. We already told you what makes our product stand out from the crowd and how your company can benefit from it, but we are always thinking about new functionalities that will boost your experience as a […]

State Of The Word 2015, What A Super Year It’s Been!

At the end of every year, Matt Mullenweg, founding developer of WordPress, holds a speech in which he highlights that year’s accomplishments as well as what can be expected in the future. This year, the State of the Word 2015 speech was held at WordCamp US – the first and […]