WordPress Popup Plugin with Subscriber Forms

Collect subscribers on your WordPress website with popup forms

popup wordpress plugin

Get free access to the WordPress popup plugin for web forms & surveys by installing it in your WordPress dashboard. You will be able to publish your form in a popup that will appear on your web page.

Popup forms are commonly used for collecting leads, feedback, subscribers or selling items without having to overcrowd the content within the web page, but it’s not always easy to create a popup form in WordPress. Coding a popup form can take some time, not to mention the resources that are involved in the process. The best solution in this case is to use a popup plugin that does the job without having to add a single line of code.

CaptainForm is a powerful and flexible popup plugin for WordPress that enables users to create advanced popup forms within minutes. No add-ons are required and the installation is made easy. Just follow the steps and you’ll have your very own popup form added to your WordPress post or page. Because the popup forms that you create with the CaptainForm popup WordPress plugin, may be published in different ways:

  • Text Link, to open your popup form through an anchor text.

  • Image Link, to open your popup form by clicking an image.

  • Floating Button, to add a button to the side of the screen (left or right) that follows the page visitor while scrolling.

  • Autopoup, to pop up the form after a number of seconds have past since the WordPress page or post has been accessed. This option will add a link with a text of your choice that will open the WordPress popup form when clicked.

All of the above mentioned options are customizable, as well as the popup forms themselves. With the WordPress popup plugin provided by CaptainForm, you can style every aspect of the form as you see fit. And if you are web designer, you’d be happy to know that there’s a custom CSS panel to work with.

The WordPress popup plugin by CaptainForm has many built-in features that include an intuitive drag & drop editor, several notification options by email and SMS, conditional logic, third party apps, security measures and much more. And whenever you require assistance, our stellar support service is at your disposal.

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