WordPress Quiz Plugin

Create fun and highly engaging quizzes for WordPress to test your audience

wordpress quiz plugin

Examination has a new meaning when it comes to the WordPress community and that one is expressed through the power of WordPress quizzes. If you are an educator, a researcher or an entire company, you'll need to create quizzes for your WordPress website at some point.

But rather than hiring a programmer or coding a WordPress quiz for yourself, wouldn't be better to download a WordPress quiz plugin that fulfills your expectations without having to code anything at all? Meet the WordPress quiz plugin by CaptainForm!

With the WordPress quiz plugin by CaptainForm, educators and businesses can create fun and engaging quizzes in minutes using an easy drag & drop interface. The WordPress quiz plugin is an ideal tool for testing students and different class activities. It can also be used in areas such as psychology, sociology, entertainment and many more.

The WordPress quiz plugin by CaptainForm doesn't require any coding skills for creating branded quizzes for WordPress that you can manage and share at any time, with the results being saved within the plugin for future analysis. Create powerful quizzes with outstanding features such as instant grading, various types of choice fields with or without images, countdown timer, conditional logic, multi-page forms, multiple language forms, multiple styling options and reports.

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