Adding PayPal to your WordPress order forms – CaptainForm WordPress Plugin

If you want to create PayPal order forms to receive payments to your Paypal account through form submissions, go to Settings → Payments and scroll down to the Payment processors subsection. Tick the box Enable payments for this form, select your desired currency (that matches your currency set on PayPal) […]

What’s in the pipeline for WordPress 4.9?

It hasn’t been long since WordPress 4.8 “Evans” and the new Gutenberg editor were both released last June, but people are already excited for the next major release. Although no official date has been set yet, Matt Mullenweg soon after published a couple of posts talking about what’s in store […]

Pass user input between embedded forms

You can easily transfer information from one form to another, by following the steps below. 1. Go to Settings->Notification and enable the Redirect with custom variables option. 2. The link you have to add should look like this: 3. Replace with the page where the form is embedded. […]

Pass user input from one form to another

To pass user input from one form to another, you’ll need to head over to the Settings → Notifications section of your form. Scroll down to Form User Options and go to Thank You Page and Redirects. Select the option Redirect with custom variables and a text box will appear […]

Form Calculations

With CaptainForm you can perform calculations on your web forms & surveys. Use form calculations to add mathematical operations between your form fields on your online forms. To create calculations on your form, add an input field with numericplus validation. This will return the value of your calculation formula. You […]