The WordCamp Europe Berlin Memories

The WordCamp Europe 2019 was hosted in Berlin, Germany. The city is vibrant, beautiful and everyone is friendly and welcoming so we had no trouble at all. The capital of Germany, Berlin, is an old city in the center of Europe with fantastic food, culture and an amazing WordPress community. After we checked-in our hotel, it was time to go and prepare our booth. The event took place in Estrel Hotel and Congress Center, one of the largest conference, cultural and business centers in Berlin.

The event started with the contributors day where over 1000 people participated.  Contributor Day is for everyone, so even if never contributed before, participants can help out, meet new people and learn lots of new things. This day is mostly about giving back to the WordPress community and helping the open source software grow.

After Contributors day, we had a Social event where people gathered to meet and greet.

Friday, everyone had the booth ready. Throughout the day, there were many workshops and conferences. The conferences covered areas like community of WordPress business owners, developers, marketers, designers, content strategists and educators and many other. Saturday followed Friday with its’ cool atmosphere. 

To special topping was the after party where everyone got together to have some fun and mingle.

We were very happy to meet friends from previous WordCamp events but also newcomers who asked us a lot of questions about the CaptainForm.

Thank you everyone! The positive energy and feedback we came back with will help us continue growing and we definitely look forward to meeting you next year in Porto, Portugal.




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