WordPress Event Registration Plugin

Boost your events with WordPress event registration forms for your website

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Benefit from an advanced and free WordPress event registration plugin that allows users to create advanced and fully-functional event registration forms for any type of event. You can publish your event registration form in posts, pages, widgets and popups by using the shortcode. You may also add the code to a PHP file by using the function call option.

Organizing events can be much easier than you thought if you use event registration forms for WordPress to register guests online. But instead of coding the forms or hiring someone else to do it for you, you could use the WordPress event registration plugin by CaptainForm that not only save you the time and energy, but also provides you with features that will automate the invitation process. In just a few steps, your event registration form will be published on your website without any programming skills.

CaptainForm works seamlessly without add-ons and allows you to collect and analyze data on your target audience. Any event you organize will be more successful as you'll have better control over it. Empower your event registration form with outstanding features. Moreover, you can create events through form submissions that will be saved in your Google Calendar or Evernote account.

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