WordPress.org Announces First Ever Global Contributor Drive

One of the main strong points of WordPress is its amazing community. The WordPress community is made of people from all over the world: beginners or experts, freelancers or companies, agencies, developers, designers, working together towards the future of WordPress, involved in helping it grow. There are many benefits of […]

What Do You Love About WordPress?

If you are someone who shares the same enthusiasm for the WordPress platform as we do, then Matt Mullenweg is probably one of the people you follow. If so, you must know that yesterday, Matt posted on his blog, some news about the Testimonials page on WordPress.org. More specifically, since […]

Matt Mullenweg Joined Cape Town WordPress Meetup

Matt Mullenweg, who turned 32 on Monday (January 11) recently went to Cape Town , to join the local WordPress community meetup and chat about all things WordPress. Here are some highlights from the talk: WordPress.org vs WordPress.com Matt talked about the difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com. WordPress.org is the […]

Happy International Programmers’ Day 2016 From Our WP Form Builder!

It’s January 7th, the day we celebrate the accomplishments of programmers. When you think about the modern world, computers, technology and software immediately come to mind. Behind every website we love there’s a programmer or teams of programmers who¬†make things run smoothly. Thank you Programmers! Information is power, technology is […]

WordCamp Orlando 2015 Roundup

This weekend WordCamp Orlando 2015 took place, an event dedicated to (obviously) WordPress. There were workshops and presentations on both entry and advanced levels of WordPress, ranging on subjects from code, to themes and plugins. Sadly, we could not take part in the event, but we kept a close eye […]