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When did you last ask for feedback from your customers?  Ken Blanchard used to say “Feedback is the breakfast of champions”. It is fairly clear that user or customer feedback can have a major impact on your online business or website. Why is that? Positive feedback can help you consolidate and perfect your business. Criticism lets you know if you are going in the right direction, and can be turned into a positive learning experience.  

Undoubtedly, feedback is a goldmine for improving your online business or website. What better way to find out what your customers want from your business than getting an answer directly from them?

Here are some great ways to get feedback from your customers by using a WordPress form builder plugin:


Surveys are easy, fun and effective. With CaptainForm, you can create your own and easily publish it on your website. You can use a free basic online survey template, or you can browse through other surveys that you’ll find structured by user category. There are surveys addressed to small businesses such as Business Demographic Survey, Customer Satisfaction Survey and Restaurant Survey. For human resources you’ll find a Career Interest survey and for lead generation there’s a Website Visitor Survey template at your disposal. You can easily customize them according to your needs and add your logo or set up a custom “Thank you” page.

Survey 2

Here, you’ll find a quick guide to build a powerful online survey.

Feedback forms

A feedback form provides you insight that you can use not only to improve your business, but also to create a better customer experience. You can easily set up your feedback form with CaptainForm. Start by using the Online Feedback Form template in order to get valuable feedback from your users. You can customize this basic feedback form template by adding more fields like Likert scales or a Star Rating field.


Another smart addition to your website would be a floating feedback button. It’s a very discreet, yet powerful way of receiving feedback from your website visitors. Here, you can find out more on how to set up an online feedback form.

Reaching out

Although this method is more time-consuming and not as cost-effective as online feedback forms, you can build mutually-beneficial relationships by calling customers or sending them an email and asking specific questions. Your customers are your source of inspiration and you can get fantastic value from this kind of approach. Get client stories, case studies and testimonials by asking the right questions. You could even create a separate testimonials section on your website or one on every product page.

Reviews or testimonials definitely help you understand your customers’ needs and how you can keep up with them, but could also convince potential customers to choose your service or product.  

How do you collect feedback from your customers? We would love to know.

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