Useful and diverse online form templates for your WordPress site

So you’ve made your WordPress site and put in all the content your audience needs—but how can they reach you? That’s where custom forms come in!

It’s essential to have a line of communication open for potential customers and opportunities. It’s also a great way to organize and distill the information you need to gather from users.

What types of custom forms can you make for your WordPress site? Get inspired by our examples below:

Contact Forms
The mandatory form every WordPress site owner needs – the contact forms. Whether you’re a casual blogger or the a sophisticated e-commerce mogul, people will need to get in touch with you. It’s important to have a welcoming, helpful place to direct their inquiries. Think of the kind of messages you’re expecting to receive and add categories users can choose from. Do they need an option to upload files for additional context?

Newsletter Signup Forms
Have an email newsletter that you send out to your readers? Gather leads from new and returning visitors on your WordPress website with a newsletter subscription signup form. You can have this popup on your page on load or embed it at the top or bottom of your posts.

Event Registration Forms
Doing an event offline or online, such as a meetup or webinar? Have a special giveaway for an upcoming holiday or you website’s anniversary? Add important fields that save information about your attendees such as their contact details and location, and include the options you need for event registration.

Reservation & Booking Forms
If you’re offering products or services like travel bookings, professional consultations, and similar appointments, have them reserve right on your site with the option to save their place or pay directly and immediately through the reservation and booking forms.

Order Forms
Offering a special thing like an e-book, digital product, or even some physical goods? Have an automated way of accepting orders and offer customized fields for special requests, then provide a seamless way to head straight to checkout.

Survey & Feedback Forms
While a Contact Form is a perfectly viable way of gathering feedback, you can get to know your users better by sending out surveys periodically. Find out the content or products they’d like you to provide on your website, and the ways your brand can evolve and improve.

Donation Forms
Highlight a cause or raise funds for your own organization with an encouraging donation form. Provide details explaining where the money will be used for, and how they will be properly thanked & acknowledged for their generosity. Don’t forget to make the donation process as smooth as possible.

Polls & Quizzes
Get the pulse of your audience by continually offering polls and quizzes they can answer. Whether it’s a fun predictive personality test, a survey in line with the latest headlines, or something that helps break the ice and get to know your users better, creating interactive content for your WordPress site with a custom form shakes things up a bit.

So which form are you going to add to your website today? Let us know in the comments!

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