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wordpress contact forms with pdf and sms notifications PDF & SMS Notifications
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wordpress contact forms with approval workflows Approvals
wordpress contact forms with validation Field validation
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A contact form makes it easier for site visitors to reach out to the site owner by typing their message in an input box and submitting the form on the contact page of the site. But coding a contact form in WordPress isn’t that easy, since you have to create a page template in PHP on your server and mix it with HTML, CSS and jQuery coding. That’s why the WordPress contact form plugin by CaptainForm can help you create the contact form you need without having to deal with programming skills. You just drag and drop the fields that you need in a layout and the plugin does the rest to generate your contact form - all in your WordPress dashboard.

wordpress contact form plugin with drag and drop

WordPress Contact Form Builder

CaptainForm has a visual interface with drag & drop functionality and predefined fields. This means that you can select the field that you need from a list and drag it onto the form. You can use special fields that include certain validations and customize them with a few clicks. And if you want to finish your WordPress contact form faster, you can use the contact form template that comes within the core plugin.

wordpress contact form plugin installation

WordPress Contact Form Plugin - Easy Installation

To use the CaptainForm WordPress contact form plugin, download it to your WordPress folder or get it from the Plugin Directory on WordPress. Next, install it in your dashboard and activate it as any other plugin. The CaptainForm logo will appear in your dashboard menu. Activate the free plan and you are good to go! Based on your needs, you can buy a license to any of our premium plans for increased effectiveness and more features.

wordpress contact form plugin with publishing methods

WordPress Contact Form Plugin with Multiple Publishing Methods

You can publish your WordPress contact form in posts, pages or popups. CaptainForm comes also with a WordPress contact form widget that you use to add your contact form in the sidebar or footer of your page. If you work with function calls, you can generate the function call code of your contact form and add it where needed.

advanced wordpress contact form with features

Advanced WordPress Contact Form Functionality

In practice, contact forms serve the purpose of delivering you messages that your site visitors have sent you from your contact page. With the many features that the CaptainForm WordPress contact form plugin has in store, you can automate and optimize the entire communication process. You can configure autoresponder emails, receive notifications by SMS, use multiple recipients on your contact form, use native addons and many more that can be read in our features page.

wordpress contact forms
Get your contact forms up and running with CaptainForm!
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