CaptainForm, Our WordPress Form Builder, Has Emerged out of Beta

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After more than two months of gathering incredibly valuable feedback and improving daily, finally, CaptainForm has emerged out of Beta, ready to empower your website with WordPress forms. And coincidence has it we’re launching on the 5th of November. Do you remember something about this day? It has a familiar ring to it, right?

Here’s what we’ve gotten better at since August, when people first met the Captain and we started asking for opinions on our plugin’s performance. More features have been implemented, such as publishing in pages, theme files & widgets, user-submitted WordPress posts, advanced styling options; moreover, the approval request flow and multiple notifications have been improved.

Usability has been improved and new advanced features are provided in the form of flexible pop-up publishing methods. V1.0 also comes with a number of form templates:

  • auto-popup newsletter subscription
  • lead generation forms
  • payment forms
  • all sorts of request forms

Furthermore, we have been integrated with more 3rd party apps, such as Google Drive and Dropbox. All of our integrations are built-in, no add-ons required.

Our support team offers 24/7 hour support regardless of your plan, be it free or paid. Also, support is on a first come first serve basis, no prioritization whatsoever.

“At the moment, CaptainForm is the only plugin in its niche that provides multiple advanced features directly from the core product – take for example our very flexible popup publishing method. Even if we’re out of Beta now, the most important thing for us is to keep listening to our users’ needs”, said Alexandra Draghici, CaptainForm Product Owner.

Starting today, the pricing plan will change, as can be seen below.

Regular Plan – Free Apprentice Plan – 35$/year Master Plan – 95$/year Hero Plan – 195$/year
3 Forms Unlimited forms Unlimited forms Unlimited forms
15 Fields Unlimited fields Unlimited fields Unlimited fields
500 Secured subs/mo 5K Secured subs/mo 20K Secured subs/mo 100K Secured subs/mo
4 Native addons 12 Native addons 20 Native addons
Auto-responders Auto-responders Auto-responders Auto-responders
Spam protection & SSL Encryption Spam protection & SSL Encryption Spam protection & SSL Encryption Spam protection & SSL Encryption
100MB storage for uploads 500MB storage for uploads 2GB storage for uploads 10GB storage for uploads
Unlimited support Unlimited support Unlimited support Unlimited support
30 Templates 30 Templates 30 Templates 30 Templates
Multisite support
Payment integration

If you wish to find out more information about our plans, please access the features matrix.

So download the plugin now that it has emerged out of Beta and see how it can help improve your business.

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  1. Congrats, guys, and looking forward to seeing the new and ongoing features. Quick question – any plans to integrate with Postmatic moving forward?

    Cheers, and congrats again!

    1. Alex Balan

      Thanks Danny! We’ll announce every new feature or integration our service will have. How would you see the Postmatic integration working?

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