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WordPress Secure Forms with CaptainForm
It’s no news that security in WordPress is taken very seriously. Being the most popular content management system and running a quarter of the web, WordPress is a popular target for hackers and spammers.  For this reason, most of its updates deal with security issues. Last week, for example, there was the release of WordPress 4.4.2, a security update for all versions. Accordingly, one of CaptainForm’s superpowers is indeed advanced security and we provide several options to have WordPress secure forms.

Today, we will list 3 ways to have WordPress secure forms using the advanced security options of  our plugin, to protect your form no matter how hard someone tries to abuse it.

SSL Encryption

With our plugin you can have forms with SSL Encryption. SSL encryption protects all data packages with an algorithm that makes information inaccessible to any third party that would try to intercept it, and the best part is that this feature is available on all plans.

Anti-Spam Protection

To prevent spam attempts, you can add a smart Captcha on your online form. Captcha images are the colorful letters and numbers displayed at the end of your form. They are also referred to as a verification number or verification code. Smart Captcha is the code that shows only if your form is being abused.

IP limitation also prevents spam users and helps you limit form submissions from the same IP. With CaptainForm you can limit the number of submissions from the same IP or the total number of submission per hour, day, week, month, year, eternity. You can also create a Country filter and reject or accept submissions from certain countries, based on the submitter’s IP address.

Password Protection

With our form plugin, you can even password protect your form to make sure it’s only available to those you want to. Share it with your target audience and forbid access for other submitters.

So, if you want WordPress secure forms, we got them. Advanced security is a top priority for us, that is why we are always actively taking all the measures needed to keep your form data secured. Thus, is there any other security feature you would like us to have? Leave us your feedback in the comments section below.

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