WordPress Event Registration Form: A Quick Guide – CaptainForm WordPress Plugin

An online WordPress event registration form is the perfect tool for event management. With it, you can organize your event based on your invites’ options, check who’s coming and their expectations, and gather all the details you need to plan the perfect event.

Online event registration forms are applicable for any kind of event – from birthday parties to company events, workshops or any large-scale conference. Besides these common situations, you can turn your wp registration form into a powerful online order form with payment integration and collect participation fees.

With CaptainForm, creating an event registration form works on a drag & drop basis and you can use it to collect basic information like contact data (using the fields: Name, Phone, Email and Address), but also additional information such as how many persons will be accompanying the guests who registered directly, or what food, beverage, music your guests prefer.

For these cases, you can use Dropdown Lists, Radio Buttons or Checkboxes to make them choose an option or specify a different one.

event registration form CaptainForm

Moreover, you can also give your attendees the necessary directions to the event adding our Google Maps field and ask for feedback with a fill-in box where they can type in comments.

In addition, since you’re asking guests to register, you may want to remind them what your event is about.

Using the WordPress Form Plugin by CaptainForm, you can provide that information in customized HTML blocks (no coding skills required).

Thanks to our integrated field validation, you’ll get precisely the information that you ask for. Plus, as soon as a visitor fills out your form, you will get a new name added to your guest list, and will start collecting registrations for your events effortlessly, managing them from a single place. Whenever you run out of ideas, you can always check out the free form templates that CaptainForm offers. Furthermore, the wp event registration forms can be customized in terms of appearance as well. This way, the feeling inspired by your registration form will match the event profile.

Once your wp event registration form is ready, it’s time to start inviting people to register: embed this form into your WordPress website, using our different methods of publishing, send it to attendees through email, and share it on social platforms, making your next event a success!