iContact integration with CaptainForm WordPress Plugin

The CaptainForm – iContact integration will create a new contact in your iContact mailing list upon submission. To enable the integration, go to Settings3rd Party Apps and look for the iContact logo on the apps list. Next, hover over the logo and hit Add.

CaptainForm - web forms


Now that the app is added to your online form, enter the username and password associated with your iContact account.

CaptainForm - web forms


Press Save and two new elements will appear in the box: a dropdown where you have to select the mailing list where you want your form data to be sent and the Customize button.

Hit Customize to map form fields with your iContact default fields in the customization lightbox. Once finished, don’t forget to save your settings before exit. Check your iContact account’s mailing list to see the results after some submissions occurred. Whenever you want to remove the iContact integration, return to 3rd Party Apps and use the remove button from the application.