Smartsheet integration with CaptainForm WordPress Plugin

The CaptainForm – Smartsheet integration collects the data from your form submissions in a document within your Smartsheet account after each submission. All submissions are stored in the same document, line by line.

To find the document, log into your Smartsheet account. You will see that the document is named after your web form. To enable the Smartsheet native add-on, log into your WordPress dashboard, go to the CaptainForm plugin and select your form in the My Forms section. Go to Settings3rd Party Apps and hover over the logo of the Smartsheet add-on. An Add button will appear on the logo that you may click to successfully add the add-on to your web form.


smartsheet integration for wordpress


Next, press the Connect to Smartsheet button to connect your CaptainForm plugin to your Smartsheet account. You’ll need to enter your account credentials if not already logged in your Smartsheet account. Furthermore, you’ll need to use the Allow button to approve the communication between your form and Smartsheet.


smartsheet plugin for wordpress

You can disable the app at any time using the Enable box on the top right side of the application box or by simply removing the app. However, you will need to repeat the steps above if you’ve removed the app. If you require assistance, don’t hesitate to contact support by using the contact form below.