How to Create a WordPress Booking Form – CaptainForm WordPress Plugin

Creating an online booking form to embed in your WordPress website can be easily done with CaptainForm. Why use a simple booking plugin for WordPress, when you can achieve more with a professional form plugin? You will get multiple booking requests in one dashboard, where you can manage them online and in a very intuitive way. You can use a booking form in different manners, for example: for flight, venue, table and hotel room booking. And as CaptainForm is a highly adaptable tool, you can create all of them with the help of it. In this brief guide, you will see which features you’ll most likely apply using our free booking form template.

Start by going to the plugin in your WordPress dashboard and then click on New FormThere you’ll need to select from the Other Form box the Booking Form template


The default template is for hotel booking, but you can modify it by adding more fields or deleting them according to your needs. Bookingform

You can also customize the booking form to match your brand’s identity. The first thing is to go to Settings → Themes:

Bookin Form 3 There you can change everything, from logo to colors and fonts, making it consistent with your brand. This will allow your audience to remember your company faster and trigger their attention in your direction. Moreover, you can also use your own custom CSS to make it even more personalized. If you need to personally check each submitted form, you can always enable an approval option and manage them directly from your desired inbox. Just go to Settings → Advanced.

online survey 6.1 Under Submissions you will need to check the option Request approval of submission. Here you can select to send the request for approval to one or multiple email addresses.


You can make your booking form collect fees adding a payment gateway to it on Settings → Payments.

payments booking form

Here you can add one or more payment gateways to your online booking form. CaptainForm is integrated with 11 payment gateways, which include PayPal,, Stripe, and others.

payment gateways

Finally, you can also customize the “Thank you” page of your form according to your needs going to Settings → Notifications

Notifications CCaptainForm
After your customers booked their trip, their hotel room or flight, this will be your chance to take things a step further. The “Thank you” page has an HTML Block in which you can insert a picture, a video, a link, or all of them.

You can also redirect the responders to a web page with special promotions, for instance.

Thank You Page