Choosing the right field type

CaptainForm is equipped with all the field types that you might need for building your form. In this article, you will learn how to choose the right field.

Choose the best input type

The most common input field is the short text field. Users can type letters digits and special characters. Simply change its label text and you are good to go. You are also able to change the field validation to avoid user’s mistakes. Collect more information with the long text field. Receive a large amount of information such as comments, notes, feedback, impressions, etc.

For numeric input use the number field. It works great with Age, Quantity, Number of registrations inputs. We developed fields that have have a certain field validation established. For example, the email field does not allow input in another format then The phone, address, and name field have a predefined structure and are composed of subfields. These types of fields support auto-filling.

Choose the best choice field

For questions that require only one answer, for example: Yes/No, use the single choice field. With this type of field, form users can only choose one answer.

When you have several options opt for the multiple choice field. Users will have the ability to select one or more options. To distinguish these two fields look at the symbol next to the options. Single choice fields are represented by circles, while the multiple choice fields by squares.

single choice multiple choice

The dropdown field saves a lot of space and it is suitable for a large list of choices. Enable the searchable option to help users finding the option they are looking for.

Other fields

For adding text, images, links, tables and HTML tags, drag and drop an HTML block field.  To display only text use the Heading field.

heading HTML

Create a multi-page form by placing page break fields. Divide your forms into sections and this way users will not be intimidated by endless forms. To receive files from your form visitors add a file upload field.