What happens to my account when the subscription is cancelled/downgraded?

After you have cancelled or downgraded your CaptainFormr subscription, some of the advanced features will be automatically disabled. Other features will not be automatically disabled so that your forms can still be used. Those are the features that need to be manually disabled by you. By not doing so, leads to a limitation of your account. If you cancel your subscription, your account will be downgraded to the Basic plan.

Features that are automatically disabled or removed are:

  • From Apprentice to Free
    • 5 Native Apps
    • File Upload fields
    • 30 Form Templates
    • Unlimited Custom Themes
    • Unlimited Reports
    • Custom Autoresponders
    • Form Branching (3 Rules)
    • Custom Notifications
    • PDF Notifications
    • SMS Notifications
    • 2 HTML Blocks
    • Multilanguage Forms
    • Quiz Functionality
    • Custom SMTP
    • Save & Resume Later
    • Edit Delivered Message
    • Request for Approval
    • Password Protection
  • Master to Apprentice
    • Custom JS Scripts
  • Hero to Master
    • Multisite Support
    • Payment Integration
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