The WordCamp Events to follow in October 2018

For those of you that don’t know, October is International School Library Month, and International Walk to School Month. It is a perfect way of enjoying the autumn leaves while you are walking through the park. But if you are are spending more time at your PC and you get in touch with nature more frequently on YouTube? That means you are a tech person, so keep calm and continue reading this article because the WordCamp calendar for October is truly impressive!

WordCamp Nice NICE, FRANCE

October 19, 2018

This year’s edition will be held in Nice and will take place at ISEM. The event will host approximately 280 people.

The program will consist of 13 lectures on various topics, experience feedback, SEO tips and so on .

A day of conf is always a simple way and not too tiring to do the day before and discover new things.

Some of the main speakers for this event will be:

Sandra Boulou – Originally from the Paris region, she is not at her first conference. She travels across France to talk about WooCommerce. You can find her at 12:30 in the amphitheater, she will talk about delivery strategies in e-commerce.

Thomas Deneulin – He will show you how to build a theme with Javascript. During the workshop you will use ReactJS and Thomas will explain the interest of using it in the creation of a theme

Sebastien Serre – Sébastien is very active in the WordPress Community. He participates in WordCamps as a volunteer, he helps other developers on the French WordPress slack and he will be speaker on the edition of Nice. Today he is a WordPress developer, but that has not always been the case. He will tell us about his professional reconversion.

Nathanael Martel – This is a local speaker that we present to you today since Nathanaël is freelance website creator in Nice (even if it happens to cross him from time to time in the Drôme). Engaged in free software and web quality, He will teach us how to install a statistical tool respectful of users and their data.

There will be a community after party in the city center where people are invited to socialize and have fun.

WordCamp Philadelphia, PA, USA PHILADELPHIA, PA, USA

October 27–28, 2018

WordCamp Philly is the premiere WordPress-related technical conference in Philadelphia. The two-day event at the University of the Sciences is full of learning and networking opportunities.

You can customize your experience by choosing your favorite topics.

You’ll have opportunities to compare notes and network with those developer and designers, as well as systems administrators, content specialists, accessibility experts, SEO consultants and analytics whizzes.

Here are some of the main speakers for this event:

Andrew Taylor: Andrew currently works for Pantheon as a developer programs engineer providing consulting to their agency partners on complex workflows and automation. He also enjoys giving back to the WordPress community through the hosting group, plugin development and speaking at WordCamps. As a former web developer, Andrew spent his time on large scale projects for clients such as AMC Networks, Frito Lay, National Van Lines and more. He has more than 10 years of web development experience, specializing in WordPress.

Charles Johnston: Charles is a digital ninja. After spending the last few too many decades in the IT industry, he started a boutique web design agency called HeartWired Technical Solutions, where he focuses on putting compassion back into technology. Charles has a heart for nonprofits and small businesses that are doing good in their communities. After his first of what has now been many mission trips, Charles knew that he had to use his gifts, talents, and passion for technology for good. Rather than just offering web design services, HeartWired provides web design and technology solutions with heart.

Diane Varner: Diane is a digital strategist, focusing on inbound strategies to cultivate digital tribes. She believes this begins with great content, content strategy, and customer-centric thinking.

Justin Nealey – Justin has been helping people get their ideas online for most of his adult life. He is passionate about WordPress, social media, podcasting, and assisting businesses to execute on their goals. When he’s not leading a team of business consultants at GoDaddy, he’s starting yet another side hustle, the latest being Branding Fit, where he helps personal fitness brands break through the noise and get recognized online.

As long as you are in Philadelphia, make sure you visit around, as there are a lot of tourist attractions.


October 27–28, 2018

The event will take place at Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania Business Center – Al. I. Cuza Amphitheatre ( fourth floor )

Bucharest is the capital of Romania. It is a very interesting city and here are three facts we wanted to share with you:

– The legends say that the city has been named after a shepherd called Bucur, in love with a young lady called Dâmboviţa. Yes, just like the river that crosses the city.

– Bucharest is also called “Little Paris”. From 1900 – 1930 it was considered to be one of the most beautiful and modern European cities. And it was very similar to Paris in terms of architecture and lifestyle

– The Palace of Parliament is the second largest administrative building in the world, right after the Pentagon in the United States. It is also the most expensive and the heaviest building in the world.

Some of the main speakers for this event:

Ivana Ćirković – a Digital Marketing, PR and Social Media consultant with over ten years experience in the field. She is also a WordPress enthusiast, one of the WCEU 2018 organizers and an active member of the WordPress community who lives online almost 24/7. The topic of Ivana’s presentation is “What’s your story?“.

Horia Neagu -Horia Neagu is Owner & Digital Marketing Consultant at Napoleon. Digital, with over 12 years of experience in SEO, with a focus on technical optimization, SEO auditing, SEO strategy, content marketing and CRO. He has had a passionate love affair with WordPress since 2007, back when it was nicknamed “Ella” and the autosave feature was an amazing novelty.

Horia is a hopeless geek, with a passion for public speaking, who honestly believes that bad web design ought to be criminalized. It is his conviction that WordPress can save the world, one site at a time and his motto is “plans are useless, planning is everything”. The topic of Horia’s presentation is “WordPress & SEO – At Long Last Love“.

Emanuel Blagonic – For the past 15 years, Emanuel worked with worldwide clients ranging from small, family-owned businesses to global corporations. He designed websites and applications to deliver solutions that are now being used by millions of users. As one of the pioneers of the web standards movement in Croatia, he is active in the community where he works on building a better understanding of the design process and educates clients as much as possible.

Although primarily a designer, he’s been in love with WordPress for more than 10 years, being one of the biggest promoters in Croatia – writing articles about WordPress and the importance of open source in general. He helps organize WordCamps and Meetups in Croatia and was part of WordCamp Europe organizing team three years in a row. The topic of Emanuel’s presentation is “How to find peace and change the world“

Andrei Lupu – Andrei Lupu is a backend developer at ThemeIsle who loves to tackle to most challenging tasks and to grind on unsolvable puzzles. With more than eight years of experience in web development and a dozen WordPress plugins and themes created, Andrei finds real value in open-source code and shareable knowledge.

Because his mantra is “Learn a new thing every day” he has the perfect excuse to lose a fair amount of time on StackOverflow and Slack channels but is the same mantra that guides him to love WordCamps and WordPress.

The topic of Andrei’s presentation is “Before and Beyond Gutenberg“.

The event will be followed by some time off  and an afterparty

WordCamp is one of the most affordable tech conferences you can attend.

A WordCamp is always an opportunity to meet the actors of the WordPress community, to find future partners, or simply to find a discount on a WordPress product.

If you attend in any of the WordCamp events this month, make sure to share your experience with us in the comment section below.

Thank you!

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