Build Your Audience Easier with the Help of Web Forms

So you’ve finally launched your website—don’t stop there! Once the visitors start pouring in, it’s important to establish a good relationship with them and keep that going. You want these potential customers to get excited for upcoming products or content, to recognize you as trustworthy & an expert, and to keep coming back for more! This practice is often called Lead Generation.

With the help of web forms, here are some nifty ideas that you can try out to build a captive audience quickly and more easily.

Send the latest updates
A prime example of building your audience with web forms is through an email newsletter, which sends updates directly to your site patron’s email inboxes, usually on a weekly or monthly schedule.

Get to know your audience
With the goal of knowing your readers’ demographics and preferences, offering them a chance to share their data with you can give you the opportunity to be more laser-focused in your offerings for them.

Obtain feedback
This has a similar goal to the previous item, but can also be more subjective. Emphasize how they play a vital role in building your company, and how their opinion is important to serving them better.

Offer exclusivity
One of the most effective ways to entice people to sign up for your form is the promise of exclusive perks: this can be ebooks, discounts, or other resources that only they can get access to.

Reward participation
The act of signing up for special offers or updates can be considered a reward in itself for most people, but you can also sweeten the deal especially for certain types of forms, like surveys. Introduce a prize that one lucky person can get if they sign up.

Create quizzes
Specialized content can also be in the form of insights that they obtain after answering a quiz. This can be as fun and informal as you like, or lean towards the more educational side.

Facilitate social proof
If they’ve been enjoying their stay on your site, you can invite them to promote your articles, products, services, or your company and make that process easier for them. Encouraging them to “unlock” special deals or bonus content with a tweet or a share can also be done with a few fields on a form.

Establish a trusting relationship
Don’t be a creep when asking for their contact details. Be forthcoming about your reasons. Always assure them that what you’re doing is above-board. Then stick to that promise.

Nurture the community that you’ve built
Be consistent in communicating with your audience. If they sign up to receive updates, make sure to actually send those updates. Be helpful and useful in the content you provide. Create an environment for your fans to interact with one another and grow with the help of the platform that you created for them.

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