How to Maximize Attendee Engagement : Before and After the Event

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Ready for another how to? In today’s blog post we’ve listed a couple of effective strategies and tactics to help you engage event attendees not only during your event but also before and after it takes place.

So you’ve set up all the aspects of the event from the venue, logistics, entertainment and the WordPress registration form to the speakers and sponsors. If only this could be enough to ensure the success of an event. But “it’s all in the details” they say. The before and after process is equally as important.

“Warming up” before the event and consolidating the relationships you’ve built with your guests after will make them look forward to your next event. That’s what you’re aiming for, right?


The secret is to create buzz and drive social networking. Here are some clever ways to do that:

⏩ Create a catchy event hashtag and use it whenever you have something to communicate about the event. Depending on how large your event is, you can even consider creating a Facebook group so that your attendees can connect and discuss related topics.

⏩ You’ll maximize attendance by increasing engagement so keep making updates as the event approaches. From offering information about the latest additions like workshops and other event activities to sharing interviews with the speakers, videos or sneak peeks of the event preparations, you need to get attendees excited for the event.

⏩ Make attendees feel involved, give them something to buzz about. You should always ask for their opinion and if they post about your event on their blog or their social media channels, you shouldn’t miss the chance to share, retweet, comment.


So your event was a success, but you still have work to do!

⏩ Plan your follow-up. A little effort goes a long way so be sure to thank participants for attending and tell them to keep an eye open for event highlights and other news. Because that should be next on your list.

⏩ Share highlights from the event: photos, videos, articles. Encourage everyone to share their experiences and spread the word about your upcoming events.

⏩ Ask for feedback! You can use WordPress feedback forms during the event, right after a talk or a session, as well as after the event to capture impressions. This will not only help you boost attendee engagement but you’ll also get valuable insights for future events.

What do you think about these techniques? We encourage you to apply them to your own event and don’t forget to let us know how well it works for you!

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