Are Your WordPress Popup Forms Disturbing or Converting Visitors?

You offer great products or services and you provide quality content  but the majority of your visitors still leave without subscribing or returning to your website? How can you prevent that from happening? Popup forms are the key to grabbing their attention and keeping it. However, more than occasionally one of the reasons why people click away from a site is precisely the annoying autopopup form that fails to engage.

Luckily, we’ve got some pointers to help you out. Find below our 5 top tips on how to tweak your WordPress popup forms and boost your subscription rate.

Timing is key

Choose the right time to display the popup form. Don’t interrupt! Do you know how much time visitors usually spend on your website? Choosing an effective timing to trigger the popup really depends on that. Thankfully, with a WordPress Popup Plugin like CaptainForm you have the option to trigger the popup form after a certain number of seconds have past since the WordPress post or page has been accessed. Learn how.

Popup Forms

Branding& creating a visual story

Matching your popup forms with your website’s look and feel shouldn’t be rocket science. Make sure your logo is visible and that your brand colors remain consistent in the text, as well as the form background. Doesn’t have to be too matchy- matchy but it sure needs to be cohesive.

Call-to-Action tweaks

You will not make your visitors take action by telling them to “Submit”. On the other hand, if you emphasize the value you’re offering and the rewards, mentioning concrete benefits, your visitors will know what they will get, they’ll know what to expect and that is a powerful stimulus. A strong CTA should be clear and inviting.

The clock is ticking

Don’t scare your visitors away by asking too much information! Whether you’re using Popup forms for collecting leads, subscribers or selling products, you only need contact information. Too many form fields will look like a lot of trouble and your visitors will look for the fastest way to exit.

Express your gratitude

You’ve set up expectations, now keep your new subscribers engaged by welcoming them and thanking them for joining your list. You don’t have to stop there, provide next steps, offer them a discount code, a voucher or extra content and you’ll successfully turn your subscribers into customers.

We hope you find these tips helpful.  If you have any other favorite strategies for creating conversion-boosting popup forms, feel free to share them in the comments!

Originally written by Claudia Borceanu

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