10 Reasons to Invest in a WordPress Forms Plugin

The prevalence of free themes and plugins is one of the reasons the WordPress community is as big as it is, but sometimes it’s wiser to shell out some cash for that sure you’re working on, especially when it comes to custom forms.

Let’s hash out all the important reasons below:
1. Premium features
Most free plugins offer only basic features and functionality. With a premium plugin, you can expect premium features that might be better at meeting your specific needs.

2. Flexibility and options
With a premium forms plugin, you can expect a larger number of settings to apply to your WP site, giving you greater flexibility to achieve the custom form you envisioned in the first place.

3. Better user experience
A premium plugin has more resources to prioritize developing a more user-friendly experience for customers, so the chances of being frustrated or encountering difficulty in achieving your goals are greatly reduced.

4. Higher quality
Because a plugin that is paid for gives its developers ample compensation to build and maintain it as part of their day job, you can expect more care and attention given to its level of quality.

5. Updated features
Premium plugins are expected to be thoroughly tested and compatible with the latest version of WordPress. They also strive to improve and add new features over time.

6. Reliability
You won’t have to worry about the product being suddenly abandoned because its developer no longer has time to maintain it.

7. Protection from unwanted ads, spam, or malware
Premium plugins don’t need to make money through shady means like hidden, unsafe affiliate links or code. Your also won’t need to display promotional links or banners that may come with a free plugin.

8. Proper documentation
With free plugins, proper documentation is usually the first things to be compromised. With a paid plugin, there’s a better chance that you’ll be able to refer to its knowledge base or documentation, which can explain all the steps you will go through when using it: from download, to installation, to customization, to troubleshooting.

9. Premium support
Premium plugins offer customer support, usually in the form of chat, forums, or email. There’s no need to panic if you run into a problem, as there’s going to be someone who can help you out in a timely manner.

10. Give plugin developers their due
Most important of all: developing a plugin takes time that someone could otherwise be earning with another job. Why not pay them for what they actually deserve?

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