How to add a File Upload Field – CaptainForm WordPress Plugin

If you need people to upload files, you will need to add the File Upload field to your web form. You will find it in the Editor section, under Basic fields. Just drag and drop it to the form.

Customizing your file upload field is easy. In the form editor, you can quickly change the label name anyway you want or remove it completely.

A great aspect of the file upload field is that you have full control of it on your web form. You can limit the size of the upload, add new file extensions and allow only certain file extensions to be used. The maximum file size that a form user can upload is 150 MB. If a file exceeds 150 MB, it can not be uploaded.

Form users can cancel the file they have uploaded by pressing the X sign next to the File Upload. Furthermore, have multiple file attachments uploaded at the same time. In addition, a file preview option is also available for your respondents – this is especially useful if they upload images

In My AccountUpload Storage you’ll find all the files that have been uploaded by your form users. Read more on how to manage file uploads from online forms.