How to export form submissions to excel?

With CaptainForm you can manage your submissions as you see fit in the Submissions section and export them to CSV or Excel (.xlsx format). Below we will explain how to export to excel your form submissions, as follows:

1. Open up your form and go to the Submissions section of your form.

2. Use the drop down on the top right side of the submissions table to select Excel.

export to excel form submissions

3. A lightbox will popup on the screen where you may type the email address where the download will be sent to. By default, your email address associated with your account will receive the download. You may opt to include or exclude the table header by checking the box. We do not send the excel file in the content of the email, but the link from where you can download it. This is a measure to secure your data.

how to export to excel submissions

4. Press Download EXCEL and wait for the email that contains the downloadable link. If you have problems receiving emails from CaptainForm, try creating a white list in your email client, as explained in our documentation here. Finally, the email with your excel export should look as in the image below.

export to excel form submissions