How to whitelist CaptainForm messages in your email client?

Communication is the basis to any good relationship. That’s why we strive to build the best relationships with our users, but something might get into the way. That’s right: automatic spam filters. Some email clients might automatically flag our messages as spam, but this is something common when messages don’t arrive from big domains such as Gmail or Outlook. But there’s a solution. It’s called building a white list: a list that contains contacts you trust and that tells your email client that you want messages from those contacts to appear in your inbox or a specific folder. But not in Spam! You can create a white list in any email client, so here’s how you can whitelist CaptainForm in any of the following email clients: Gmail 1. Go to your search options by pressing the arrow in the search bar. 2. Add the domain name [] (without brackets) in the From field. 3. Hit Create filter with this search. 4. Now tick this checkbox: Never send it to Spam. This will lead all messages from us in your Inbox folder. Yahoo 1. Click the gear shaped symbol on the top right. 2. Press Settings. 3. Go to Filters. 4. Create a new filter by pressing the Add button. 5. For Sender type in the domain [] (without brackets). 6. Use the dropdown to select the folder where the messages will be sent to. Send messages to your Inbox folder, to make it easier for you to find them. 7. Click Save to complete. Outlook 1. Create a new folder. 2. Click to apply a rule to your folder. 3. Hit New and add [] (without brackets) to the email address. 4. Now save. All messages will arrive in this folder, but you may opt to move these messages to your inbox at any time. AOL 1. Hit Action. 2. Select Create a Filter and name your filter. 3. Add [] (without brackets) to the From field. 4. For Send an alert to tick your AIM username. 5. Hit Create to finish. If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us at for anything related to your CaptainForm plugin.