Digital Signature Field – CaptainForm WordPress Forms Plugin

Need an electronic signature on your WordPress form? You can easily add a digital signature field on any of your CaptainForm forms. It will allow you to capture signatures online and works perfectly on all mobile devices. Start collecting electronic signatures on your WordPress website for contracts forms, application forms, service agreements, online petitions, and much more.

Note: The Digital Signature field is compliant to the ESIGN and UETA acts. To add the Digital Signature field, go to your Form EditorAdvanced Fields and drag the Digital Signature field onto your form.

WordPress E-signature - CaptainForm WordPress Form Builder Plugin

You can choose the Digital signature complexity depending on your needs by going to Edit fieldAdvanced Signature Complexity (Low / Average / High).

WordPress Digital Signature - WordPress Form Creator Plugin

This option may be used in order to avoid receiving overly simplified shapes instead of signatures, such as a bare line. High complexity requires at least one letter for most cases. On the digital signature box in the form there will be a Clear link that allows users to erase the digital signature and create another one before submitting the form.


WordPress Electronic Signature - CaptainForm WordPress Form Plugin

If you choose to receive a HTML email notification you will get the signature as an embedded image, if you choose Plain text it will be sent to you as YES/NO (meaning the form is signed or not signed). Moreover, in the email submission panel the signature appears as YES/NO (meaning the form is signed or not signed). Important: As a form owner, if you edit a submission containing a signature, the signature is cleared. That’s it! Add a digital signature field to your form and get your users to sign the forms they complete on your WordPress website.