Configure Google Maps with your API

Showing is always easier than telling. If you need to communicate a specific address to your respondents, do it with the interactive Google Maps field. People will appreciate that you’re making their experience smoother this way. The Google Maps field requires a 2 min setup before you can get it to work.

Google Maps API

Get a Google Maps API key To use the Map field, you first need to connect it to Google’s API. You can get your own API key from this linkf by pressing on Get Started. You will be guided through a short process to create your own project inside the Google Map Platform in order to get a personal API key. Note: Google’s Map service might require you to set up a billing account for the API usage. YOu can check their pricing system here. There are multiple versions of Google Map API, please only use the Maps JavaScript API key to integrate with your account.

Connecting the API key to your form. After you have received the API key, it’s time to put it to use. Go to the form you wish to add Google Maps in and add the field. After, go to its field settings and click on Customize Map.

google maps captainform

Where it says Google Maps API Key insert your API key.Google Maps API Key Integration Important mention: In order for the Default Map option to work, the API key needs to have the Geolocation part configured. Please feel free to check this article for more information on how to set it up.


Important mention: In order for the Default Map option to work and to be interactive, when you create your API key make sure to check these three options:

  • Maps
  • Routes
  • Places

Google Maps API Key Integration