Pass user input from one form to another

There are cases in which you want to redirect users from one form to another. The two forms may contain common fields and you don’t want users to fill out the same information twice. This is where custom redirect URLs come in. Using them, you can pass information from one form to another easily.

You can easily transfer information from one form to another, by following the steps below.

1. Go to Settings->Notifications -> Thank You Page and Redirects and enable the Redirect with custom variables option.


2. Build your custom URL using the following example. The highlighted parts remain unchanged and are required for the custom URL to work. Copy the following structure into a text editor:

Now, you will need to add your own information from your forms.

3. Replace form222222 with the ID of the form where you want to redirect the user’s input. You will retrieve the ID in the URL.


4. Replace 2323232 with the ID of the field where the value will be passed. In preview/view mode of your form, right-click on the input box and select Inspect Element. The ID is a set of numbers located next to id=”id123-control..”.


5. Replace 1212121 with the ID of the field from which the value will be retrieved. Retrieve it the same way as in step 4, only this time you’ll need to view the form from where you retrieve the value from the input.

Add as many parameters as you need to.
e.g. control222222=request333333&control444444=request555555

Now the information should be passed from a form to another after the form is submitted.