How to encrypt form data of your CaptainForm plugin?

Secure your form data with the encryption feature that CaptainForm provides. By using the form data encryption option, you can hide valuable information in the Submissions section and the default report of your WordPress form. And you do not require any additional add-on, because CaptainForm is add-on free. To encrypt form data, simply follow these easy steps below:

1. Go to the My Account section of your CaptainForm plugin.

2. Look for the Data Encryption toggle, below your profile details.

3. Turn the toggle on and wait for the feature to activate within 24-48 hours. While your form data is encrypted, you cannot view the default report, but you may create new reports and see those.

Furthermore, the advanced search tool is disabled in the submissions table, and entries will not be visible after they have been edited. If you want to disable this option, repeat the three steps above, but this time turn the toggle off.