Is this service free?

Each day new businesses are arriving on the market. More and more software are launched to help you grow your business and accelerate productivity through automation.

CaptainForm wants to offer the possibility to all WordPress users to test our awesome features.

CaptainForm is a survey plugin for any user category. Our focus is to help you create the forms you need. We provide several plans including a free one.

Yes, we offer a free form builder service. The Regular plan is free. It offers a satisfying range of options, but it has certain limitations, among which: 3 forms, 500 submissions per month, the requirement to keep the backlink to CaptainForm.

Apprentice, Master and Hero plans include many extra features that cover all form development possibilities: from full customization of appearance and settings, to 3rd party applications and payment integration. Subscription is charged on a monthly or yearly basis. Have a look at our Features list.