How to use conditional logic to show/hide form fields?

To use conditional logic to show or hide form fields, go to the Settings – Rules section of your form. Tick the option Enable field rules, under the Field Rules tab. Click on Add Rule to set up conditions. A line will appear below with some dropdowns, a Cancel and a Continue button.

Add Rule

In the first dropdown, select the field you want the rule to apply to. Next, select the condition. Depending on the field type, there are different conditions. A choice field will have the conditions is checked or is not checked. For input fields, you’ll need to select a condition in the dropdown list and provide a value on the right. For example, age restriction: If age is less than 21, then don’t show the list of alcoholic beverages on the form. Notice the grey button on the right with the cross symbol. Press it to create a new condition if needed. It is connected to the previous condition with one of the available connectors: Or and And. Use this button if you want to set multiple conditions.

Add Conditional Rule

If you want to delete a condition, hover over it and hit Delete. Next, hit Continue and select one of the two existing actions: Show and Hide. In the end, select the field or fields you want to show or hide after the condition has been met on the form. Important After the condition THEN Show/Hide you can not use the same fields in two different rules. This will create a rule conflict. You can duplicate your existing fields to use them in multiple rules.

Add Conditional Rule

Hit Finished to add and apply the rule to your online form. If you want to show certain fields only when a condition is met, simply add a field rule and use the Show action. After the rule is saved, the fields will be automatically hidden on the form. You can always disable the rules by clicking on the Enable field rules checkbox. The rules will remain the same and will be currently unavailable. At any time you can come back and turn them back on.

disable rules