Google Drive integration with CaptainForm WordPress Plugin

The CaptainForm – Google Drive integration creates a spreadsheet in your Google Drive and populates it with new form data after each submission. Here are the steps on how to integrate your web form with Google Drive,

1. Go to Settings3rd Party Apps.

2. Add Google Drive to your form.

Google Drive

3. Use the Connect to your Google account button.


Google Drive

The spreadsheet is created automatically right after the form is submitted for the first time and is named after your form. Things to know about the CaptainForm – Google Drive integration:

→ Don’t apply any changes to the header or content of the spreadsheet, otherwise, the integration will stop working.

→ Files that have been uploaded through File Upload fields will not be uploaded in your Google Drive.

As in the Submissions section, each file will be accessible through a download link in the spreadsheet.