WordPress Feedback Form Plugin

Turn feedback into valuable data with feedback forms for WordPress surveys

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Feedback Form browser on desktop and mobile

Easy and fast setup of feedback forms is possible
if you use CaptainForm

In just minutes, you can create and customize your forms to understand your visitors opinion on various topics. For increased effectiveness, use branching options, branding elements, 3rd party apps, likert scale or rating stars.

The WordPress feedback form plugin by CaptainForm has many built-in features that you may use in your advantage, including a stellar support service that will guide you whenever needed and a dedicated documentation page.

Creating feedback forms for WordPress shouldn't be hard, but easy, creative and fun. And the WordPress feedback form plugin by CaptainForm meets those expectations, due to its intuitive drag & drop editor, styling options and embed shortcodes. And you don't need to use programming to create your WordPress feedback form.

  • Conditional Logic
  • Notification Email
  • Multiple Styling Options
  • PDF Submission for the Notification Email
  • Star Rating Field
  • Autoresponders
  • SMS Notifications

By adding our WordPress feedback form plugin to your site,
you can already start capturing valuable feedback.

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