Interview with TemplateMonster’s CEO – David Braun

Inspiration may come from the most unexpected sources. It often hides in the simplest words that push you to aim higher and wish for more. An interview with a person who managed to create one of the most successful businesses in their niche can also become such source. Meet David […]

Interview: Mike Little Talks to Us About the Challenges of Launching a New Plugin and the WordPress community

If you are a WordPress enthusiast, whether you are are just a casual blogger or a top WordPress professional, you most likely know of or have heard of Mike Little. One of the two co-founders of WordPress, long-term software developer, currently running– his WordPress specialist company that provides web development, […]

A Day in The Life of a Web Developer

Curious about what an average day in the life of a web developer looks like? Well, meet Alex, one of our awesome web developers here at CaptainForm. Alex likes to play video games, watch tv series and go out with friends and colleagues for a beer, or 10 😉 . […]