We Are Our Own Inspiration – A Piece On Office Culture

Here at CaptainForm we look very much at each other for sources of inspiration, energy, goodwill and smiles – it’s part of our office culture. Sometimes, that search turns into laughs that brings us to tears. This usually happens when someone says something so funny, that it should be turned […]

State Of The Word 2015, What A Super Year It’s Been!

At the end of every year, Matt Mullenweg, founding developer of WordPress, holds a speech in which he highlights that year’s accomplishments as well as what can be expected in the future. This year, the State of the Word 2015 speech was held at WordCamp US – the first and […]

How Our WordPress Form Creator’s Superpowers Can Benefit Your Company

With so many superpowers it’s understandable you don’t know where to start, but lucky for you we’re here to clearly outline how each integration can help your business endeavors. Don’t forget, with the WordPress form builder by CaptainForm you don’t have to install any add-ons, everything comes pre-installed in the […]

Calypso, The Enchanting New Admin Interface for WordPress.com

Baring the name of a Greek nymph, Calypso is the the new admin interface revealed by WordPress.com. The interface is not the only novelty, so is what’s under the hood – JavaScript instead of PHP. WordPress.com should have the new interface already installed, and if you’re running the open source […]

Open Your Own Superpower Filled Online Shop

com Having your own online shop is clearly a growing trend within the ever increasing web community. With CMSs like WordPress allowing non tech-savvy users to create their own website and an increasing number of SaaS applications being available, anyone who has something to sell can set up their online shop […]

WordCamp Orlando 2015 Roundup

This weekend WordCamp Orlando 2015 took place, an event dedicated to (obviously) WordPress. There were workshops and presentations on both entry and advanced levels of WordPress, ranging on subjects from code, to themes and plugins. Sadly, we could not take part in the event, but we kept a close eye […]

It Looks Like WordPress Is Gaining Superpowers

This week, Matthias Gelbmann of W3Techs wrote an article on how 25% of all websites are powered by WordPress.  Together with some other information from the article, this is truly evidence that WordPress is gaining superpowers. WordPress reached this impressive number after having 20% of the market two years ago. […]