The ABCs of WordPress Form Building [Infographic]

Although data collection and analysis automation is of vital importance for any business, without  the right tools at hand, it can turn into a major challenge. Form building sounds like the perfect solution since forms allow you to securely collect data, receive files, get paid, integrate with various apps, view statistics online and much more.

Since we all know which CMS is the most popular among businesses, if we focus on WordPress, the next logical step would be to choose the perfect WordPress form plugin for the job. There is quite a large selection on the market and searching for the best one may become an arduous process. To help you out, we created an infographic with important features you should look for in a WordPress form plugin.

 Important features you should look for in a WordPress form plugin.

You’ll find these exact features and many more in CaptainForm. So if you think it covers your needs, give it a go! And if you have a new feature that you’d like to suggest, go ahead and comment below or contact our Support Team at  


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Claudia Borceanu

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