Translations – CaptainForm WordPress Plugin

In CaptainForm you can translate all labels, instructions and messages that appear before, during and after users complete your online forms. You can also add a language bar on top of your form, so that your users can switch through languages.

Note: You will need to manually translate each field and message in the Customize language lightbox.

Click on Add language, select a language in the dropdown list, press Done and start translating your form in the Customize lightbox. Hit Save and enable translations on the top left to finish.


Use the Import languages button to add translations from another form within your CaptainForm plugin.

You may translate any type of fields, email messages, system messages and payments messages. Be carefully to leave the tags of the messages that are being translated. For example: Selected date cannot be before today %s to: Date cannot be before %s.

Placeholders are automatically and the date picker are automatically translated to the default language.
CaptainForm-default language