How do I install the CaptainForm WP plugin on my website?

CaptainForm is not different from other plugins when it comes to installing it on your WordPress dashboard. As such, download the plugin to your device and follow the steps below:

1. Log into your WordPress dashboard.

2. Click Plugins, located in the menu on the left.

3. Hit Add New, located on top.

4. Next, click the Upload Plugin button.

5. Hit Choose File.

6. Search for the .zip file of the CaptainForm plugin in your device and select it.

7. Press Install Now and wait for the installation to finish.

8. Use the Activate Plugin link to activate the CaptainForm plugin. Done. Your free account has been created. From here on, you can use the plugin to create forms and surveys. If you need to upgrade, go to the Change Plan section of the plugin. Watch our video below on how to install the plugin:

Note: If you’re a WordPress multisite user, you’ll need to activate your Hero plan before being able to use the plugin.