Dropbox integration with CaptainForm WordPress Plugin

With the CaptainForm – Dropbox integration you can send files that have been uploaded on your online form to your Dropbox account. For the Dropbox integration to work, you’ll need at least a File Upload field on your online form and the Dropbox app. You’ll find the app in the 3rd Party App section of your form, under Settings.

Here are the steps on how to add it to your form:

1. Hover over the Dropbox logo and hit Add to install it on your online form.

Dropbox CaptainForm

2. Click the connect button.

Dropbox CaptainForm


3. Enter your Dropbox login data. You’ll receive a message, after which you will need to click on Allow. A link will be displayed on the application box where you can locate all files that have been uploaded through form submissions.